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Process Service

Service of all High, County & Magistrate Court Process

From as little as £45

At Britannia we appreciate your need for the swift and correct service of court documents. That is why we aim to action all non-urgent items within 24 hours of receipt. Urgent items receive our immediate attention.

Once we have effected service we provide you with proof of service by way of certificate, statement or affidavit of service. We also provide a full report with every instruction.

We have established a strong reputation in this field and our process servers have many years experience in serving a wide range of legal documents originating in the United Kingdom as well as from aboard.

Divorce Petitions
Claim Forms
Statutory Demand
Bankruptcy Petitions
Winding Up Petitions
Freezing Orders
Prohibited Steps Orders
Specific Issue Orders
Contact Orders
Non-molestation Orders
Reason to show cause

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RCJ Bankruptcy Searches

Bankruptcy searches at the Central London County Court sitting at the Royal Courts of Justice, Bankruptcy Search Section, Thomas More Building, Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London WC2A 2LL.

Since 23rd February 2012, the Insolvency Rules Practice Direction introduced an obligation for all petitioning creditors to undertake searches in person at the Royal Courts of Justice and the Central London County Court. The practice direction also includes the obligation to enclose a certified confirmation of the searches undertaken at the end of petitions.

This means that throughout the UK, before issuing any bankruptcy petitions, it is now necessary to conduct a search covering the preceding 18 months, for prior petitions made against the debtor using the search systems made available within the Thomas More Building at the Royal Courts of Justice (RCJ). A search must also be carried out at the debtor’s local county court. This search is made by post direct to that court. There is no requirement to search with HM Land Registry.

Insolvency Rules Practice Directions – 23rd February 2012:
'14.3.1 The petitioning creditor shall, before presenting a petition, conduct a search for petitions presented against the debtor in the previous 18 months (a) in the Royal Courts of Justice, (b) in the Central London County Court and (c) in any county court which he believes is or was within that period the debtor’s own county court within the meaning of rule 6.9A(3) and shall include the following certificate at the end of the petition:' Britannia Support Services Ltd is therefore able to act as a Search Agent for those organisations who are unable to attend the RCJ in person and we offer the most competitive rates for this service:

No Hidden Fees in our Pricing:
1 x Search £35.00
Additional searches in same batch £15.00
Court fee (upfront payment) £7.00 per search (cheque made out to the HMCTS”)
Standard turn-around is 72 hours
Emergency 24 hour fast-track searches for a £10.00 additional surcharge

Upfront discounts £5.00 off standard price for upfront payments.

When instructing Britannia, please provide:
(a) A covering letter addressed to The Central London County Court sitting at the Royal Courts of Justice requesting permission to conduct a search (we can provide the exact wording if necessary)
(b) A cheque for £7.00 made payable to HMCTS for each search
(c) A draft copy of the petition


At Britannia we are able to locate most individuals using the minimum of information provided by the client.

A basic trace costs £80 on a ‘No Trace No Fee' basis.

To use our “No Trace No Fee” service we require at least the subject's name, last known address and/or date of birth.

More in-depth trace inquiries can be conducted on a fixed fee of hourly rate (and within an agreed budget). The fee will depend on the information supplied by the client.

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At Britannia we have the experience to conduct surveillance investigations to assist your case. Whether it's to support a claim of co-habitation, to investigate a suspect insurance claim, or to check on a spouse, business partner or employee, we can assist. We can deploy multiple surveillance operatives and the latest in covert surveillance equipment.

If necessary all evidence obtained can be processed to ensure its admissibility in court. All video evidence is date/time stamped and supplied to you in a sealed evidence bag along with working copies in DVD format. This is further supported with signed statements and a detailed report.

All investigations are conducted in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, the Human Rights Act 1998 & the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000.

Static, Foot & Mobile Surveillance
Personal Injury Verification
Employee Sickness

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General Investigations

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